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In general, claims that indoor plants positively affect in psychological changes and certainly fulfilling individual aesthetic needs as decorative factors, but what if they go opposite in effect as remaining a "beauty" next to you?

The project "Untitled" is to restore an opposite case with exaggerated but gentle and silent effect on a usual scene of house plants. While people see the loud mess in plastic influences, my vision goes to its subtlety. As a bit dramatic infusion, the unhealthily withering "Plant" is portrayed like another type of decoration which suggests that we may have not noticed the existed crisis which is close enough to everyone. The plastic plant with the entire atmosphere as metaphors quietly speaks the seemingly beautiful but troubling future.

Wang has always been sensitive in environmental topics since seeing and feeling the rapid changes through time of experiencing multiple living circumstances. The overall process of creating the series to him was a perceiving therapy in the oversight of the surroundings issue.

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